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Committed to Excellence

Hi!  I’m Greg Towne and Thanks for stopping by. 

I get asked all the time “What is that you do?”  and my answer is pretty simple … I help people and organizations reach their full potential.  On one hand its very complex, yet very simple at the same time

There are so many different tools and resources out there in the world of Sales, Management, Team Building, Negotiations & Communications … ironically when someone understands the power of Leveraging Influence™ their ability to grow and expand in so many areas of one’s life truly becomes inspirational.

An unusual beginning

If you would have seen me as a kid you probably would have never pegged me as a future business owner, professional speaker, and executive business consultant.  You see I didn’t come from an entrepreneur family.  My mom and dad both worked for a living with no interest in being self-employed.  When I joined the US Army, I am sure that my parents thought that I would follow in the footsteps of working for the government till retirement.  I spent four years in the Army and then started working for General Dynamics supporting the US Army and USMC.  Well then, I started investing in real estate and truly loved learning the business side of real estate.  I got my real estate salesperson license primarily because I was getting tired of training agents to negotiate on my behalf.  In 2005 I saw a shift in the marketplace and realized that I was not as “safe” as I thought I was in my corporate job.  I left the corporate world to start working in the business of real estate.  Since then, I have built and developed one of the best Real Estate Groups in the region.  It was working in this environment that I understood the power of Leveraging Influence™.  You see as an outsider I did not grow up in the area and had a very small circle of friends to attempt to build a business with.  I had to learn how to network, prospect, meet, and convince people to hire me as their agent

Mentor and Leader

Now Greg spends most of his days studying, teaching, and applying the principals of Leveraging Influence™.  Working with clients in the real estate, financial services, insurance, and varies trade organizations Greg prides himself on bringing a full 360 custom approach to developing a training program for his clients

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